Playa San Miguel is mid-term between Samara and Montezuma on the Road of the Sun. Second paradisiac beach of Costa Rica according to the guide Lonely Planet (2012), this amazing beach distinguishes itself by its size (8 km) and its peace. Here, we come to walk and to observe the great show on earth and in the sky. A mangrove swamp and an estuary draw the border with Playa Coyote (official link : )

We chose to implant our B&B on the coline which overhangs this beach. Of above, you will appreciate the peace, the quietness and especially an extraordinary view of San Miguel until Punto Coyote. To welcome you in ideal conditions of comfort by allying peace, observation and communion with the nature, we built tropical wooden suite. On one side, you will have a view on the Pacific Ocean and of the other one a sight on the jungle because the shower-room is as high as trees.
Here, no air-conditioning : the wood does not retain the heat and the aerations drawn on every wall allow an excellent circulation of the air. Every window is provided with a mosquito net; therefore, you will sleep with the rumours of the jungle and in bottom, the waves of the ocean.

We decided not to equip our houses of television sets not to miss the show of stars under the biggest dome of the world!

The swimming pool is covered by a roof in its lowest part to allow you to take advantage of it in the day but attention, to respect the tranquillity of each, it will be closed at 9 pm. 
In the evening we propose you a menu of typical restoration B*B for a dinner under stars.

A Wi-Fi connection in the cabins allows you to keep in touch with your close relations and to share your live impressions.

Good night, maybe the monkeys will come at say hello you in the awakening?


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